New online courses to train authorised officers

New courses are now available on DEW’s online learning platform Bridge to help authorised officers stay up-to-date with regulatory compliance practices around expiation notices.

DEW staff participating in face-to-face compliance training*

Together with the Organisational Development team, the Investigations and Compliance Unit has released three modules on the management, issue and use of expiation notices.

The dynamic nature of regulatory compliance, influenced by legislative amendments and community needs, requires that the processes that DEW uses to manage compliance are reviewed regularly.

The new compliance courses provide contemporary tools to address this need.

The modules are the first in a planned roll-out of online sessions teaching the foundational skills required to be a field-based compliance officer.

The modules can be used as an introduction to skills and procedures around the use of expiation notices or as a refresher for staff who have attended face-to-face training in the past.

The courses will support a mixed methodology of development underpinned by the Investigations and Compliance Unit’s online Compliance Handbook (internal access only).

You can also find links, tools and references to assist field-based staff on the Compliance iShare page (internal access only).

For further information on these modules or other training opportunities contact Authorised Officer Training and Governance Coordinator Hannah Dridan on 0417 010 353.

*AMLR Senior Compliance Officer Stephen Hearn, Project Coordinator Marine Parks Gary Frost and EP Ranger Kyle Watters (playing the role of farmer)