Parks visitor research

In April 2017 the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources began a research project that seeks to better understand and improve the experience that visitors have in and around the state’s parks, marine parks and reserves.

The department held a series of workshops and interviews with more than 100 park users including tourists, recreational visitors, educational visitors, commercial tour operators and volunteers.

Workshop participants were recruited through peak recreation and education associations and social media. Participants included parks users based in Adelaide, the Limestone Coast, Eyre Peninsula, Murray River and Flinders Rangers and Outback regions.

The workshops used a design thinking methodology – an innovative, evidence-based, visitor-centric approach to solving problems.

Each workshop included between eight and 24 visitors. Through the workshops visitors’ goals, needs, barriers and ideal scenarios when visiting parks were explored. Then the journey that visitors take through their parks experience was mapped.

The workshops were collaborative, contained some creative elements and led to robust discussion.

The research findings will be distributed to teams across DEWNR working in and around parks to inform areas such as community engagement strategy and policy.

Raw feedback from the workshops (PDF) .

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