Nature-based Tourism:
New Business Opportunities

Stage Two: Request for Proposal

Eighteen nature-based tourism new business opportunities were released by the Department for Environment and Water in October 2017. Expressions of Interest for these opportunities closed on 31 January 2018 and the process has moved to Stage two.

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Historic fort on Adelaide’s coastline

Fort Glanville Conservation Park

Capitalise on the popularity of the Semaphore foreshore with the development of new experiences at Fort Glanville.


  • Offer tours.
  • Develop and operate a camping experience.
  • Host events.

Site objectives

  • Enable the use, enjoyment and appreciation of this important historical site.
  • Establish the site as a prominent attraction.
  • Protect and conserve the heritage features of the site and surrounding landscape.
  • Create jobs and opportunities for local businesses.
  • Work in partnership with the Fort Glanville Historical Association to add value to the existing offerings.

Site description

Regional attractions

Fort Glanville Conservation Park is situated close to the National Maritime Museum, the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary and a host of historic and cultural attractions in the Port Adelaide area. It is connected to Semaphore by the popular Semaphore Tourist Railway and the Esplanade or Military Road.

Local highlights

The original fort is considered one of the best preserved colonial forts in Australia. It is the only colonial fort to still have all of its original armament, including the largest artillery gun of its time in Australia. Historical features include the original barracks, mess area, kitchen guardhouse and cell, and magazine and loading gallery.

Fort Glanville Historical Association currently open the fort to the public on the third Sunday of each month between September and May in order to host uniformed re-enactments of military activities, including cannon and carbine firing drills. Tours of the fort are currently available all year round from 9 am to 2 pm every Tuesday or by appointment.

Facilities within the fort precinct include public toilets, barbeque picnic areas, onsite parking and a visitor centre that incorporates a souvenir shop and refreshments area. There are large grassed and paved areas that are suitable for events and other activities. The fort features disabled access.

Future potential

Fort Glanville Conservation Park is ideally located close to the popular Semaphore foreshore and Port Adelaide area.

The fort has significant potential to become a high profile attraction in its own right as the large array of historical buildings and artefacts will be of interest to many history enthusiasts. We encourage proponents to consider a partnership with the Fort Glanville Historical Association to add value to the existing offerings.

There is an opportunity to establish a unique tourism enterprise at the site. This could include offering upmarket camping facilities set within the unique setting of the fort, hosting historical events, packaging experiences with the tourism railway, re-enactments and conducting tours.

The heritage features of the site are protected under the Heritage Places Act 1993 (SA). Any proposal to alter the site should be compatible with the site's heritage values and will be subject to assessment and approvals.