Nature-based Tourism:
New Business Opportunities


Frequently asked questions

How can I arrange a site visit?

You can arrange a site visit by registering online before 5 pm, 1 December 2017.

Where can I get more information?

Information sheets for each of the opportunities should provide enough information for you to prepare an expression of interest.

More information about each site will be made available should you be invited to participate in stage two.

To make an enquiry, please contact the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources online or by phoning 08 8204 9940

How do I submit an Expression of Interest (EOI)?

Before submitting your EOI, please review the assessment criteria for stage one and ensure that you have addressed each criteria. EOIs must be submitted before 31 January 2018. They must be submitted via the online form.

What information should be included in my EOI?

An EOI should briefly address the following criteria:

  1. Your business name, ABN/ACN (if applicable), postal address and email address.
  2. The name and contact details of your preferred contact person.
  3. The opportunity you wish to apply for (an EOI is required for each opportunity).
  4. A brief outline of your concept.
  5. A high level summary of how your concept is consistent with the scope of the opportunity offered and compatible with the site objectives.
  6. A brief description of your skills and experience in developing and operating comparable enterprises.
  7. A summary of your financial capacity to deliver the concept.

How will my EOI be assessed?

EOIs that address criteria one to seven will generally be invited to participate in stage two via a request for proposal. Whilst there is no limit on the number of submissions that may be invited to participate in stage two, DEWNR is not obliged to progress any submissions to the next stage.

The request for proposal will detail the process for the assessment and evaluation of detailed proposals during stage two.

When will I find out if I have been invited to participate in stage two?

DEWNR will notify you of the outcome of stage one in writing as soon as possible after the closing date.

How do I know that my EOI will be fairly assessed?

In stage one all EOIs will be assessed against criteria one to seven.

In stage two all detailed proposals will be assessed against additional criteria. This criteria will be outlined in the request for proposal and sent to proponents directly.

To ensure that processes are consistent, fair and transparent, all assessment processes will be undertaken by a government panel and overseen by a probity advisor.

What will it cost to submit an EOI?

There is no fee for the lodgement of an EOI.

The cost of all professional services, such as financial advice, survey plans, building inspections, architectural services or legal/conveyancing fees will be the proponent’s responsibility.

Is financial assistance available?

The federal and state governments and, in some cases, local councils provide a range of support services - including financial support for new businesses from time to time. Further information about the range of support services provided by the South Australian government is available at:

What if I have an idea that isn’t included in this package of new business opportunities?

If you would like to discuss an idea that is not included in this package of new business opportunities, please contact the Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources:

Phone: 08 8204 9940

If you have a nature-based tourism proposal that is ready to progress, you may choose to lodge an unsolicited proposal.

How can I access a hard copy of the documents regarding the new business opportunities?

Access the overview document and all 18 information sheets. Individual information sheets are available for downloading on the bottom of each separate opportunity web page.