Former Belair Golf Course and Country Club site frequently asked questions

What happened to the Belair Golf Course and Country Club?

The Belair Golf Course and Country Club was leased to a private business from the early 1980s. In early 2018, the business closed and management of the site returned to the Department for Environment and Water.

Is the Belair Golf Course and Country Club part of Belair National Park?

Yes. The Golf Course was established in 1934 to raise revenue for the park during winter. The course was extended to 18 holes in 1941, redeveloped in the 1970s and leased to a private business from 1982. The site will remain part of Belair National Park.

How long has the site been a golf course?

In 1934, Belair Golf Course was established in the national park to raise revenue during winter. The nine-hole course was extended to 18 holes in 1941 and covers approximately 50 hectares in the south-west corner of the 835-hectare park. The golf course was redeveloped in the 1970s, and in 1982 a private business took over management of the site through a commercial lease from the then Minister for Environment and Natural Resources.

What type of uses for the site will be considered?

Proposals for all or part of the site will be considered. Preferred proposals will be economically and environmentally sustainable and align with community and South Australian Government values.

The department has already started receiving enquiries the site, with ideas ranging from continuing the site as a golf course to revegetating the site to return it to a natural state, repurposing the function centre as a restaurant to creating a base for nature-based activities.

How can I influence the site’s future?

Let us know what you value and enjoy about Belair National Park, and what you consider suitable and unsuitable for the site by completing a short survey. Your input will ensure that future uses for the site align with community values.

What if I have a business idea for the site?

If you are interested in submitting a business proposal for part or all of the site, register your details below and we will contact you with details about how to submit your proposal and the expression of interest process:

We will contact you when the EOI process opens in mid-2018 and you will then have the opportunity to make a formal submission.

How can I keep up to date?

Sign up to receive mail updates about the Belair Golf Course and Country Club project.

This website will also be regularly updated with the latest information about the site.

How long will it take to decide the site’s future?

To ensure future plans for the site meet the community’s needs and values, a community survey is open until 30 June 2018. This information will help guide development of the expression of interest process.

Community groups, non-government organisations and businesses will be invited to formally submit proposals for the site through an expression of interest process in mid-2018.

Further input from the community will help ensure the final assessment criteria for proposals align with community values, as well as environmental, legal economic and South Australian Government requirements.

It is anticipated that proposals will be assessed and recommendations for future site uses will be completed by the end of the year.