Frequently asked questions about booking online

Why book online?

The booking system makes securing your campsite, accommodation and facility hire easy and fair. Your site is reserved for just for you, no matter what time you get to the park. It allows you to book a site up to 12 months in advance without stressing if you will actually get a site when you arrive.

Many park visitors want the convenience of booking and paying online. This means you don’t have to carry the correct amount of cash to pay at the old payment stands.

How do I book online?

Go to the Book now page or select the Book before you go button on each individual park page.


What can a booking agent assist me with?

Booking agents can assist you with making a booking and paying your vehicle entry, in cash or by card. 

Agents cannot cancel, amend or issue refunds to bookings.

Agents can not always provide park specific information i.e. what campgrounds look like or if your vehicle is suitable for different tracks. They are re-sellers of parks products and not necessarily parks experts. If you require park specific information please contact us online, via parks facebook or the local Natural Resource Centre during business hours.

I have a Park Pass, do I need to book online?

Yes, you will need to book and pay online for camping, accommodation and facility bookings.

If you are visiting the park for the day (but not camping), you do not need to book online. Please ensure that your Park Pass is clearly displayed on the passenger side of your vehicle dashboard while at the park. Find out more about Parks Passes.

If I'm staying in a national park for more than one day do I need to pay entry each day or just once?

If you are staying within a national park you only need to pay entry once, this remains valid until you leave the park. 

If I am travelling in and out of a national park on different days do I need to pay for entry every time?

Yes, if you are not staying within a national park and plan to visit more than once you will need to pay for entry each time you enter the park.

I have a Desert Park Pass, where can I find more information about booking online for these parks?

Read our Desert Parks online booking frequently asked questions.

What if I am hiring a car and don't know the vehicle registration number?

When going through the booking process please enter the words 'HIRE CAR' in the vehicle registration field.

I am hiking/cycling and camping in a national park, as I don't have a vehicle what do I enter in the vehicle registration field when booking?

When going through the booking process please enter the words 'HIKING or CYCLING' in the vehicle registration field. 

I don’t have a computer, smart phone or credit card

Alternative booking and payment options are available for the following parks:

Deep Creek Conservation Park

Cash payments for Deep Creek Conservation Park can be made at:

  • Cape Jervis: Cape Jervis Station, (08) 8598 0288
  • Delamere: Delamere General Store, (08) 8598 0200
  • Yankalilla: Yankalilla Visitor Information Centre, 1300 965 842

Eyre Peninsula parks

Cash payments for Eyre Peninsula parks can be made at the following agents: 

Innes National Park

A self-service station for credit card payments is set up at Innes National Park at the visitor information centre.

If you prefer, cash payments can be made at the following agents:

Limestone Coast parks

Cash payments for Limestone Coast parks can be made at the following agents:

Mount Remarkable National Park

Cash payments for Mount Remarkable National Park can be made at the following agents:

Murray River and Mallee parks

Cash payments for Murray River parks can be made at the following agents: 

Flinders Ranges and Outback parks (Desert parks)

Most of the parks in the Flinders Ranges and Outback do not have mobile coverage. If you are booking your trip while out on the road and have no phone reception or prefer to make cash payments you can book at the following agents: 

Public computers available for online bookings

Visit an information centre to make a booking online:

How will I know where to camp?

You will be sent an instant booking confirmation email with details of your campsite. Campsites are clearly numbered in all parks. Many campsite maps can be downloaded through our website via the individual park pages.

Park and campsite signage clearly states that all sites must now be booked prior to entering the park. Only visitors with an allocated campsite number are permitted to camp.

What if I want to make a last-minute camping trip?

Jump online before you leave home or be sure to book on the way while your smartphone still has coverage.

You will receive an instant booking confirmation email.

I can’t find/didn’t get my booking confirmation or I need help booking, who do I contact?

Mount Remarkable National Park
Phone (during business hours): (+61 8) 8841 3400

Innes National Park
Phone (during business hours): (+61 8) 8854 3200

South Eastern parks
Phone (during business hours): (+61 8) 8735 1177

Deep Creek Conservation Park
Phone (during business hours): (+61 8) 8550 3400 

Kangaroo Island parks 
Phone (during business hours): (+61 8) 8553 4410

Belair National Park 
Phone (during business hours): (+61 8) 8278 5477

Eyre Peninsula parks
Phone (during business hours): (+61 8) 8688 3111 

Desert parks
Phone (during business hours): (+61 8) 8648 5300 

SA Arid Lands parks
Phone (during business hours): (+61 8) 8648 5300

River Murray/Mallee parks
Phone (during business hours): (+61 8) 8580 1800 

Do I need to print and display a receipt?

We do recommend printing a copy or saving it to your smart phone for your own reference during your trip.

Park staff have a record of bookings and vehicle registration numbers.

Check-in and check-out times

The check-in time for camp sites is 12 noon and the check-out time is 11am.

Someone is camping in the site I have booked

It will take some time for all visitors to learn about the booking process. If you arrive at your campsite to find it is already occupied, we recommend showing the other campers your booking confirmation email.

Double booking of campsites is not possible and signage around the parks clearly state that online bookings are required for camping.

How do I get a refund for my booking?

If you are need a refund or want to find out if you are eligible for a refund please contact your regional administrator. Your regional administrator contact details can be found within your terms and conditions, which were emailed to you with your booking itinerary (alternatively the contact details for each administrator are listed on this page above).

When contacting us about a refund please provide your booking itinerary number and the reason why you need a refund.

How much are park entry and camping fees?

Park entry fees are generally $10 per vehicle ($8 concession), with some exceptions, while camping fees vary from park to park. Visit the book now page to explore pricing for various parks and facilities.

I want to give feedback on the system

We welcome your feedback. Please email us at