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Desert Parks Pass

This pass gets you 12 months of unlimited vehicle entry and camping, to the desert and outback parks listed below. The pass also allows you to camp for periods of up to 21 nights at a time in these desert and outback (excluding Wabma Kadarbu Mound Springs Conservation Park). 

It is mandatory to have a Desert Parks Pass if you are visiting Munga-Thirri–Simpson Desert Conservation Park or travelling east of Dalhousie Springs in Witjira National Park. For any of the other desert parks below, you can choose to purchase a Desert Park Pass or purchase individual vehicle entry and camping as you go.

Desert Park Passes can be purchased up to 60 days in advance

Please read the full terms and conditions for important information about your pass.

Park Desert Parks Pass requirement
Innamincka Regional Reserve Optional
Day vehicle entry/camping available
Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre National Park    Optional
Day vehicle entry/camping available
Malkumba-Coongie Lakes National Park    Optional 
Day vehicle entry/camping available
Munga-Thirri–Simpson Desert Conservation Park and Regional Reserve     Mandatory 
Tallaringa Conservation Park     Optional
Day vehicle entry/camping available
Wabma Kadarbu Mound Springs Conservation Park     Optional
Day vehicle entry available
Witjira National Park    Optional, however a Desert Park Pass is mandatory if travelling east of Dalhousie Springs.
Day vehicle entry/camping available

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* Renewals of Desert Park Passes can only be done at the DEW outback regional office in Pt Augusta.

For Desert Parks Pass enquiries, please call (+61 8) 8648 5328.

For more information about passes, contact our DEW Information Line (+61 8) 8204 1910.

Desert Parks Pass FAQs

What do I get with my Desert Park Pass?

This pass gets you 12 months of unlimited vehicle entry and camping to selected desert and outback parks. Included with your pass, you will receive a handbook and maps to help you on your journey. You are required to travel with your handbook at all times whilst visiting.

How many people does the pass cover?

The Desert Park Pass entitles park entry and camping for visitors within private vehicles up to eight seats. They are not valid for taxis, buses or mini-buses.

Are camping fees included in a Desert Park Pass?

Camping fees are included in a Desert Park Pass, however campsites must be booked in advance prior to arrival. When booking you will be asked to enter your park pass number.

Do I need to book online for camping in Simpson Desert Regional Reserve and Conservation Park?

No, the online booking system will not apply to the Munga-Thirri–Simpson Desert Regional Reserve and Munga-Thirri–Simpson Desert Conservation Park. For this park, a Desert Parks Pass is mandatory and covers entry and camping fees. Desert Park Pass holders can camp in designated areas on arrival without bookings. 

Is there a no booking/no camping policy?

Yes, this is the only way to ensure there are no double bookings. Last minute bookings are not a problem; the booking should be made online and the instant confirmation email will mean no inconvenience for visitors.

What if someone is in my campsite?

While visitors are learning about the booking process there is a small chance that someone will be in the site you have booked. If this occurs it will most likely be a mistake on the other visitor’s behalf. 

As the Desert Parks are large, you may or may not see National Parks staff. If you see park staff, please approach them for help, and ensure you have a copy of your confirmation email available (either saved on your smartphone/tablet, or printed). Otherwise, we recommend showing the other campers your booking confirmation email.There is no chance of sites being double booked for the same date, and signage at locations before and at park entrances will clearly state that online bookings are required.

Who will police campsite bookings? 

The aim is to provide clear information to visitors so campsites do not need to be policed. The booking system sends visitors a confirmation email with dates and details of the sites they have booked. There will be no ‘reserved’ signs on campsites. Allocated campsites will be clearly numbered, so people unfamiliar with the campground should not have trouble finding the site they have booked.

Do I need to print and display a receipt?

No. Park staff have a record of bookings and vehicle registration numbers. However, we do recommend printing a copy or saving it to your smart phone for your own reference during your trip.

If I don’t use my Desert Park Pass can I get a refund?

Refunds for unused Desert Parks Passes are only available in specific circumstances. These are explained in the terms and conditions.

What if weather delays my travel? 

If your trip has been delayed due to weather or road closures, contact the Desert Parks Administration Officer in Port Augusta on (08) 8648 5300 or to change the date or pre-book at an agent as it is likely by the day you get to your camp, someone else will have a booking for that day.

If I do not have a Desert Park Pass, do I need to pay a vehicle entry fee for each day I am camping in a park?

If you are camping in a park that has a vehicle entry fee, you only need to pay the vehicle entry fee once for the duration of your stay. Remember, if you do have a Desert Park Pass, your vehicle entry and camping fee’s is already covered and will be waived when you book online.

How do I find out about current road conditions?

It is recommended you monitor weather, river and outback road conditions leading up to your departure. View the latest outback road warnings or read the latest version of the Desert Parks Bulletin.

Are there any park closures? 

Entry to parks, reserves and campgrounds may be restricted from time to time due to safety, conservation or operational requirements including days of Total Fire Ban. For information on closures read the latest version of the Desert Parks Bulletin and visit the National Parks South Australia website to check for park alerts.

Can I transfer my Desert Park Pass from my vehicle to another vehicle?

Park passes are not transferable and are only for private vehicles. If the nominated vehicle is being sold, please contact the Port Augusta Natural Resources Centre on (+61 8) 8648 5328 or email

Further information/feedback

Online booking system

If you have feedback on the online booking system please pass this on to the online bookings email address: Your comments are important so we can deal with issues quickly and continue to improve our visitor service. 

Desert Parks Passes and general park information

For further information about the parks themselves or Desert Parks Passes contact the Desert Parks Pass Administration Officer in Port Augusta on (08) 8648 5328 or or visit the individual parks pages.