Shared trails

Do you love walking, running or riding in parks? Adelaide has many new shared use trails in our parks, with more coming this year. These trails enable us to enjoy our parks in many different ways.

On shared use trails, walkers, runners, hikers, bike riders and horse riders may all find themselves together, using the same space. For everyone to stay safe and have a good time, it’s important we all become familiar with what to do on shared trails. We can all contribute to the enjoyment of others.

Please read trail signs. Some trails are single use, while others may only be travelled in one direction. If you come across another user, please slow down and think about whether it’s easier for them to give way to you, or visa versa. To avoid damaging vegetation, please stay on the trail.

Watch the video below to learn more about sharing our trails.


Shared trail guidelines

Bike riders 

  • Slow down and be prepared to stop when passing other trail users
  • Alert others when approaching from behind.


  • Keep to the left where possible
  • Keep dogs on leash (2 metres or less) and be mindful of other users passing
  • Be mindful of others approaching from behind.


  • Keep to the left where appropriate
  • Be mindful of other users behind you
  • Alert other users when approaching from behind.

Horse riders

  • Horses have right of way over other trail users
  • Alert walkers when approaching from behind.

Horses are large animals but can become scared if they don’t hear or see a cyclist or walker approach. If you see a rider, please consider saying a friendly hello -  it will help relax the horse and you’ll get to meet other trail users.

Parks with shared trails