Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail

Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail (5 days, 61 km)

Kangaroo Island holds many secrets waiting to be discovered. None is more rewarding than the Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail.

The 61 km Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail offers a unique nature-based experience, giving visitors access to one of the most rugged, remote and spectacular coastlines in Australia.

This section of south-west Kangaroo Island is renowned for its rare and diverse wildlife, pristine bushland and sweeping coastal views. Imagine: the isolation; the serenity; and the natural wonders of this special part of South Australia, and all while walking alongside the vast, awe-inspiring expanse of the Southern Ocean with nothing between you and Antarctica.

But then you won’t be all alone. You will be surrounded, even if you don’t realise it, by Kangaroo Island’s array of wildlife, curious to know who else is enjoying this special part of the world they call home.

The Kangaroo Island Wilderness Trail is set to become a world-class, iconic attraction of South Australia, and a sought after destination for local and overseas visitors.

But not only will the trail leave you with everlasting memories, it also provides the opportunity to access established attractions including Remarkable Rocks, Admirals Arch, Hanson Bay and Kelly Hill Caves.

Opening for walkers from 1 October 2016. Spots are limited. Book now

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