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Investigator Strait Shipwreck Trail

The Investigator Strait Shipwreck Trail is the stretch of water which lies between southern Yorke Peninsula and Kangaroo Island. Captain Matthew Flinders named it on 27 March 1802 in honour of his ship HMS Investigator.

The use of this seaway has not been without cost. Between 1849 and 1982, 26 vessels are known to have been wrecked in the waters of Investigator Strait with the loss of over 70 lives. A number of these shipwrecks still await discovery!

The shipwrecks which have been highlighted in the Investigator Strait Shipwreck Trail were selected for a variety of reasons, including the strange and tragic circumstances surrounding their loss, their historical significance, and because they provide an enjoyable underwater experience for beginners and advanced divers.

The S.S. Clan Ranald forms part of this trail and is the only turret ship to have been lost in Australian waters. It has been declared an historic shipwreck under the Historic Shipwrecks Act 1976.

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