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The main slurry pump station is located at Glenelg, just north of the grassed promenade area and adjacent to the existing stone wall. A submersible pump has been installed at the end of the Glenelg jetty to supply seawater to the main slurry pump station.

A total of three booster pump stations have been installed in the following locations:

  • in the rock seawall opposite John Miller Reserve, Whyte Street, Somerton Park
  • in the rock seawall opposite Wattle Ave Reserve, Wattle Avenue, Hove
  • in the dunes opposite Angus Neill Reserve, Young Street, Seacliff.

The booster pump stations are approximately two kilometres apart to pump the sand over the seven kilometres of underground pipeline.

There are 11 discharge stations between Somerton Park and Kingston Park, three of which are collocated with the booster pump stations. Flexible pipelines, buried under the dunes or within the rock seawalls, extend from the discharge stations to the top of the beach or base of the dunes or seawall.

During operation, the relocatable sand collection unit is assembled on Glenelg beach to supply sand slurry to the main slurry pump station. There are two locations where the unit is assembled - north and south of the jetty.

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