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South Australia’s coastline stretches for 5,067 kilometres and is made up of a wide variety of ecosystems through a mixture of sheltered water, gulfs, bays and open ocean coast.  

With more than 90% of South Australians living on or near the coast, the coastal environment is valued for its recreational opportunities, beauty, tourism potential, rich cultural heritage, conservation and scientific significance.

South Australia’s coastline features cliffs, rocky outcrops (including offshore reefs and islands), estuaries, extensive sandy beaches, coastal dunes and large barrier systems. Each of these landforms affect the natural processes that occur on the coastline.

The department uses a range of strategies and practical activities to manage and protect our coastal environments and assists the Coast Protection Board to manage coast protection issues along the South Australian coastline. This includes implementing the Adelaide Living Beaches strategy.

Successful management of South Australia’s beaches requires a detailed understanding of the natural processes and human activities that impact on the local coastal environments. The Coast Protection Board has a regular monitoring and evaluation program which collects valuable data to help understand local coastal environments and inform management decisions.

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