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In 1954 the ex-dredge Saurian and two Telfor barges were scuttled off-shore from the Port Stanvac Oil Refinery in Gulf St Vincent.

Today the three vessels (known locally as 'The Stanvac Barges') lie upright on the sandy bottom in approximately 27m of water. They form a north east to south west line, with the two smaller barges (north east) approximately 33m apart and the Saurian (south west) 100m further away. The wire rope used to tow them to the site can still be seen attached to the bollards on all three vessels.

The Saurian is still relatively intact but the two smaller barges have broken up to some extent. The vessels which form an artificial reef on an otherwise featureless bottom have become a haven for marine life.

Vessel name

Vessel type



iron bucket dredge

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Unnamed - now known as Stanvac Barges

iron Telfor barges (2)

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