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Approximately six km off the Glenelg coast in Gulf St Vincent, are the remains of two former Department of Marine and Harbours service vessels (a dredge and a hopper barge) which were deliberately sunk in the 1980s as part of the Department of Fisheries artificial reefs program.

The Glenelg Barge was sunk on 10 April 1984, with the Glenelg Dredge (also known as the South Australian) scuttled nearby on 16 January 1985.

Today both wrecks lie in approximately 20 metres of water and have become home to a myriad of sea creatures. The Scuba Divers Federation has installed a star-dropper trail to enable divers to navigate the 80 metre distance between the two vessels.

Vessel name

Vessel type


South Australian

iron steam dredge

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No 3 Barge - also known as Glenelg Barge

steel dumb hopper barge

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