South Australian Recreational Fishing Grants Programme

From 2014 to 2017 the government committed $2.25 million through the SA Recreational Fishing Grant Program targeting 107 projects to enhance recreational fishing in South Australia.

The community has contributed $1.49 million in additional funding, increasing the overall success of the project to $3.74 million and benefiting all recreational fishers across the state. 

Third round of successful Recreational Fishing Grants Programme

17 projects totalling $175,776 will receive funding from the Recreational Fishing Grants Programme.

See the list of successful applications.

5 projects totalling $343,268 have in-principle funding support pending additional Government approvals.

See the list of projects with in-principle support.

54 eligible applications worth $2.27 million were received after a nine week call for applications. An Assessment Panel made up of representatives from DEW, PIRSA, Recfish SA and local government considered all applications.

Applications were also distributed across relevant Government departments to provide initial feedback prior to the panel assessment, which informed the Assessment Panel’s deliberations. Successful and unsuccessful applicants are currently being notified.

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