Southern Spencer Gulf

The Southern Spencer Gulf Marine Park is a meeting place of extremes, from the sheltered gulf waters of Hardwicke Bay, to the rugged coastline that runs around the toe of Yorke Peninsula toward Marion Bay.

Check out our image gallery to view visitor photos of Chinamans Hat Sanctuary Zone in different weather conditions. Next time you visit Innes National Park, make sure you visit Chinamans Hat lookout and send us a photo. 

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The park includes several offshore islands and takes in the deep waters of Investigator Strait and the rugged north coast of Kangaroo Island. 

The mixing of cold and warm waters in the park produces dynamic ecosystems and contributes to the rich marine life, with the park hosting many known spawning, nursery and feeding grounds, particularly for King George whiting.

There are plenty of opportunities to fish, both on shore and out further in the waters by boat, while divers can explore the important habitats for reef fish including the colourful harlequin fish, western blue devil and western blue groper.

Upon your travels you might encounter an Australian sea lion or long-nosed fur seal as they often bask in the sun in the Althorpe Islands Conservation Park that sits within the park. Bird enthusiasts should look out along the cliffs where osprey and white-bellied sea eagles nest and feed, or along the remote beaches where hooded plovers breed.

Access to the Southern Spencer Gulf Marine Park is from Marion Bay, Point Turton, Corny Point and Innes National Park.

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