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  • Sanctuary zone
    No fishing is allowed in these zones, but diving, surfing, swimming etc are welcome.
  • Restricted access zone
    You cannot enter these zones.
  • Special purpose area
    Shore-based recreational line fishing is allowed.
  • Marine park boundary
    All recreational activities (including fishing) are allowed, except in the sanctuary zones or the restricted access zones.

Seasonal zoning

Far West Coast Marine Park has two sets of zones. One set applies from 1 November to 30 April (inclusive). The other set applies from 1 May to 31 October (inclusive).

By default the map shows the zones that are currently in effect. You can change this using the toggle at the top right-hand corner of the map.


This information should be used as a guide only and should not be relied on for the purposes of legislative compliance or for navigational purposes. Due to the use of different data some of the coastal boundaries do not align with sanctuary zones. For more detailed information please refer to the marine park management plan maps.