Changes to SA’s marine parks

The South Australian Government is committed to protecting our state’s marine environments while also supporting the communities that depend on this resource. 

In 2018 the government commissioned BDO EconSearch  to undertake an independent review to assess the economic, social and environmental values of the current marine park sanctuary zones.

Following consultation with the commercial fishing, recreational fishing and conservation sectors, the government proposed to change the boundaries of two marine parks and amend six marine park management plans.

  • The proposed boundary changes and management plan amendments underwent a six week period of public consultation from 29 May 2020 to 10 July 2020 (public consultation reportappendices)
  • After considering feedback received through the consultation process the Minister for Environment and Water adopted a final set of management plan amendments on 14 September 2020 and the marine park boundary changes were proclaimed on 17 September 2020

New marine park management plans

The Parliamentary process is now complete for two of the six management plan amendment documents.  The following changes will come into operation on 1 January 2021:

  • Upper South East Marine Park Management Plan: shore based recreational fishing will now allowed in the Coorong Beach South Sanctuary Zone
  • Encounter Marine Park Management Plan: the northern boundary has been extended to create a new sanctuary zone at Pt Stanvac to protect the unique intertidal reef environment and new protection provided to new Metropolitan Shellfish Reef at Glenelg to protect habitats and restrict fishing activities.

Marine Park

Sanctuary zone


More information

Encounter Marine Park


To extend the outer boundaries to allow the inclusion of the existing exclusion zone at Port Stanvac as a new Sanctuary Zone, and to restrict fishing at the site of the new metropolitan shellfish reef at Glenelg.

Encounter Marine Park Management Plan Amendment 2020

Set of comparison maps

Upper South East

Coorong Beach South

Overlay a special purpose area to enable shore-based recreational line fishing

Upper South East Marine Park Management Plan Amendment 2020

Set of comparison maps

Proposed changes to other marine parks

The Parliamentary process is not yet complete for four other marine park management plans amendments affecting the following marine parks and sanctuary zone: 

Until the Parliamentary process is complete the current fishing restrictions will remain in place, i.e. no fishing in the sanctuary zones listed above. These restrictions will remain in place until the process is completed in early 2021.

This will be achieved through 90 day temporary fishing restrictions implemented under the Marine Parks Act 2007 that will overlay the current sanctuary zone boundaries. There will be no change to fishing rules in the affected areas until further notice.

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