Orders and notices

Current notices

A temporary prohibition notice has been issued for the following marine parks:

  • Upper Gulf St Vincent Marine Park
  • Nuyts Archipelago Marine Park
  • Neptune Islands Group (Ron and Valerie Taylor) Marine Park
  • Western Kangaroo Island Marine Park. 

 Past notices

Temporary prohibition of activities – Encounter Marine Park

19 March 2015

The following activities are prohibited within Encounter Marine Park has been extended for a further 90 days from 6am on Thursday, 19 March 2015 .

The public is prohibited from entering, remaining in or undertaking any activity in the following parts of Special Purpose Area 8 (SPA-8):

  • The whole of the Younghusband Peninsula west of a line transecting the marine park north to south at Barkers Knoll, coordinate 138.898474° E, 35.559926° S, to and including its tip at the mouth of the Murray River.
  • All areas within a 5 metre radius of a perimeter formed by buoy lines and/or markers surrounding any dredging plant or equipment within the waters of SPA-8.

The purpose of the prohibition is to ensure public safety whilst dredging operations continue in the vicinity of the Murray Mouth and in those channels leading to the Murray Mouth within the marine park during the period indicated.

Contact for this prohibition is Jarrod Eaton, Manager – Water Resource Operations on (08) 8463 7927.

Prohibition notice – Upper Gulf St Vincent Marine Park

9 December 2014

temporary prohibition notice has been issued for the Upper Gulf St Vincent Marine Park.

Restricted area – Encounter Marine Park 

3 December 2014

A restricted area has been established under Schedule 5 of the Harbors and Navigation Regulations 2009 to help protect public safety by prohibiting public access to the Oceanlinx wave convertor and the area immediately surrounding it within Encounter Marine Park.  

The restricted area is at Yankalilla Bay near Carrickalinga bounded as follows:

  • on the north by a straight line drawn in a generally easterly direction from Latitude 35°25.154′S, Longitude 138°18.279′E and extending approximately 200 m to Latitude 35°25.174′S, Longitude 138°18.417′E
  • on the east by a straight line drawn in a generally southerly direction from Latitude 35°25.174′S, Longitude 138°18.417′E and extending approximately 200 m to Latitude 35°25.319′S, Longitude 138°18.389′E
  • on the south by a straight line drawn in a generally west-north-westerly direction from Latitude 35°25.319′S, Longitude 138°18.389′E and extending approximately 200 m to Latitude 35°25.286′S, Longitude 138°18.262′E
  • on the west by a straight line drawn in a generally northerly direction from Latitude 35°25.286′S, Longitude 138°18.262′E and extending approximately 200 m to Latitude 35°25.154′S, Longitude 138°18.279′E.

On 3 April 2014 and 26 June 2014, temporary prohibition notices issued under section 18 of the Marine Parks Act 2007 were Gazetted to prohibit public access to the site before these Regulations were finalised. 


In early March 2014, the Oceanlinx wave energy converter left Port Adelaide under tow. It was bound for Port MacDonnell where it was to be installed as an energy converter. The concrete structure weighs over 3,000 tonnes and is around 25 metres tall. It is purpose built to be stable in rough seas.

However, on its second day, the operation ran into trouble. The convertor was towed near to shore and made it to approximately 1.4 km off Carrickalinga in 16+ metres of water where it currently remains. It is located in Encounter Marine Park within a habitat protection zone.

Oceanlinx Limited has since gone into administration and the future of the wave convertor is uncertain.

Prohibition notice – Encounter Marine Park

26 June 2014

A temporary prohibition notice has been issued for an area in Encounter Marine Park off Carrickalinga.