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KPMG water demand and supply scenarios

Water Demand and Supply Scenarios for Greater Adelaide and the Water Security Plan − KPMG (2009)

KPMG (2009) brought together modelling undertaken to assess the effectiveness of water supply and demand management options for addressing Greater Adelaide’s water security needs to 2050.

This modelling was a critical input into decisions about water supply and demand measures adopted as part of the state’s 2009 Water Security Plan, Water for Good − including the decision to double the capacity of the Adelaide Desalination Plant.

KPMG (2009) used population growth assumptions from the 30 Year Plan for Greater Adelaide  and climate change assumptions from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.  The report also took account of the need for any water security arrangements to address extreme dry years, as well as normal conditions.

For extreme dry years, KPMG (2009), page vi, shows that:

  • with only a 50 gigalitre (GL) plant, Greater Adelaide’s demand and supply balance could have gone into deficit as early as 2013.
  • the 100 GL/year plant adds around 16 years of supply in an extreme dry year and around  25 years of supply in a moderate dry year.

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