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Certain licensed water sources will need to be fitted with a water meter to accurately measure water use and ensure the volume used remains within water allocations.

Measuring water used from licensed sources is an important tool in managing the resource and will help secure a sustainable future for the Western Mount Lofty Ranges water resources.

Landholders will be responsible for installing water meters on their property that comply with the current South Australian licensed water use meter specification.

Flexibility provisions

Under the meter implementation plan for the Western Mount Lofty Ranges, flexibility provisions apply to all water resources in the region except for stressed management zones. Currently the Hindmarsh Tiers Sedimentary and Myponga Sedimentary Management Zones are identified as stressed. Should future monitoring of water resources identify new stressed management zones, the meter implementation plan will be reviewed.

For stressed management zones, limited flexibility provisions will apply on application of the licensee. If you are in one please contact us on the phone number below to discuss your situation. Metered usage of stressed water resources will provide critical data for determining future management of the water resource.

Flexibility provisions will automatically be extended to licensees in the following circumstances.

Meters are not required for:

  • surface water dams used solely for stock and domestic purposes
  • surface water dams less than 5 ML in capacity (excluding dams which are high risk)
  • surface water dams 5 ML in capacity or greater with an allocation of 70-100% of the dam capacity (excluding dams which are high risk)
  • surface water captured via a roof (‘roof run off’).

Flexibility will also be considered on request of the licensee. Requests will be assessed on a case by case basis to determine if a meter is required. You can apply for flexibility using the online meter notification form or by telephoning us on (08) 8463 6876.

Your responsibilities

Water meters need to be installed and validated within four months of water licences being issued, unless flexibility provisions are to apply. There is a requirement to notify us when an accredited meter installer or approved meter assessor has been engaged and the date that work is booked to be done. You will need to fill in the online meter notification form for meter installation and assessment.

If you need to install multiple meters, have complex meter installations or have special circumstances, you may discuss alternative timeframes with us once your licence has been issued. An extension of time can be requested via the online meter notification form.

To help step you through your obligations for correct and timely meter installation, you can also download the following:

Meter reading form 

A condition of some water licences requires the licensee to supply meter reads to DEWNR. To comply with this condition please complete the Meter reading form and submit to us during the specified period outlined in your water licence conditions.
Click here to view form.