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The SA Murray Region water resource planning area is a vast and complex area, covering a diverse geographical landscape with varied resources and levels of development. It spans three NRM regions, SA Murray-Darling Basin, South East and SA Arid Lands.

The SA Murray Region water resource plan includes all surface water in the area and all groundwater resources beneath the area, except for the surface water in the River Murray WRP area .

The Murray Region Water Resource Plan will include changes the following water planning tools:

  • Natural Resources South Australian Murray-Darling Basin NRM Plan
  • Natural Resources South Australian Arid Lands Regional NRM Plan
  • Natural Resources South-East Arid Lands Regional NRM Plan
  • Mallee Water Allocation Plan
  • Peake Roby Sherlock Water Allocation Plan
  • Noora Water Allocation Plan 

The water resource plan for the SA Murray Region is due to be accredited in late 2017. 

More information on water resource plans across the Murray-Darling Basin

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