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To keep or sell certain types of native animal you need to have a Keep and Sell Permit. Some native animals are exempt from the Keep and Sell Permit provisions. You do not need a Keep and Sell Permit for any species listed as Exempt.

If you wish to keep a native animal classified as Exempt, please make sure that the animal was bred in captivity prior to purchase and that you keep your receipt as proof of purchase.

Exempt animals are fully protected and a permit is required to take them from the wild. You do not need to maintain any record books or stock returns.

If you wish to keep and sell an animal not on the Exempt list, you will require a permit. Please read:

The Development Act 1993 (and regulations) and the Local Government Act 1999 (LG Act) allow councils to restrict the species and number of animals a person may keep on their property. It is therefore a good idea that you check with your local council before obtaining an animal as bylaws or restrictions may apply.

Under the LG Act, councils can take action if animals are kept in unhygienic conditions or in a way that can impact on neighbours.

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