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Exotic animals

Mammals, birds and reptiles that are not native to Australia (eg exotic or introduced) are not protected. For example:

feral goat

common starling


domestic pigeon


European blackbird


spotted turtle-dove (laceneck dove)


red fox

Native animals

Common native birds and mammals that are unprotected can be kept or sold without a permit. You need written permission from landowners to enter their land to take unprotected animals.

Native unprotected animals:

zebra finch

Australian raven


little crow

red wattlebird

Australian crow

grey-backed silvereye

little raven


wild dog (dingo)**

little corella*

*Galahs and little corellas can only be taken by means of shooting.

**A permit from the Animal and Plant Control Commission is required for a dingo.

You must have a Hunting Permit to take unprotected native animals from the wild. Permission to take unprotected animals from conservation parks and national parks will not generally be given.

You do not need a permit to destroy unprotected native animals by shooting. You do need a permit for any destruction of galahs and little corellas that involves trapping and carbon dioxide narcosis.

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