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Koala conservation and management

South Australia has developed a strategy to help conserve and manage the koalas across our state. This Strategy brings together government, the community, natural resource managers, experts and scientists to look at ways of working together to manage and conserve our koala population long into the future. We all have a role to play in implementing the Strategy’s actions.

The South Australian Koala Conservation and Management Strategy addresses the key conservation and management issues which affect the health and welfare of koalas and their habitat, as well as outlining the actions that will help manage these impacts.

Koalas face significant challenges from the impacts of development and subsequent destruction of their habitat. Other threats include mortality due to disease, vehicle collisions and attack by dogs, as well as issues arising from climate change and bushfires.  

The Strategy guides how government and the wider community can:

  • safeguard the welfare of koalas in South Australia from threats such as traffic, dogs, disease, bushfires and reduced food quality due to global warming
  • increase the social, educational and economic benefits of having koalas in South Australia by promoting opportunities to develop unique visitor experiences, strengthen private sector partnerships and optimise research initiatives
  • reduce the negative impacts that over-abundant koala populations may have on their habitat and their food trees.

Koala conservation and management is something that we can all help to achieve by:

  • keeping our dogs under effective control
  • slowing down while driving on roads where koalas might be crossing
  • planting trees to contribute to wildlife corridors
  • volunteering as authorised koala carers
  • living more sustainably to help reduce the broader impacts of climate change.

The South Australian Government does not allow koalas to be culled.

For more information please read through The South Australian Koala Conservation and Management Strategy.

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