Clearance guidelines

The guidelines and factsheets below provide advice on the clearance of native vegetation under specific circumstances.

DEWNR and the Native Vegetation Council also provide a guide to the Native Vegetation Regulations 2003 to help clarify issues related to the clearance of native vegetation.

Aboriginal cultural activities

Agriculture and grazing

Buildings or structures

Collecting native plants and seeds

A permit is required to collect any native plants or plant material from public lands in South Australia. Collecting on private land requires a permit under certain circumstances; however you should always seek permission from the landowner.

These permits are different to making a clearance application. The permits and licences section of this website provides detailed information and permit application forms for collecting native plants.

You may be required to make a clearance application in addition to obtaining a permit if you intend to collect whole plants. However, generally you do not need to make a clearance application to collect specimens without causing substantial damage to the plant.

Dam management

Environmental issues

Managing regrowth


Roadside vegetation

The conservation and protection of roadside native vegetation is a shared responsibility. Guidelines and management plan documents have been developed to assist councils, government agencies and individuals to manage roadside vegetation.

Specific species and circumstances

Safety & fire protection

The South Australian Country Fire Service (CFS) is the lead agency on clearance of native vegetation for bushfire safety matters. View the native vegetation management section of the CFS website for further information.


Contact us

Enquiries should be directed to your local Natural Resources Centre. They can give you general advice and direction.

If you have submitted an application, or are seeking follow up information, please contact DEWNR's Native Vegetation Management Unit on (+61 8) 8303 9777 or