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Dedicated Crown land

Dedicated Crown land is land owned by the Crown that has been reserved for a specific public purpose, including recreation, emergency services and community facilities.

In most cases, dedicated land is placed under the care, control and management of a custodian, which may be a local council, other government agency or an organisation such as SA Water

How do I know if land is dedicated?

You will need to search for the land using the Property Location Browser. Dedicated land will have the title reference prefix CR (Crown Record) and the record will show it has been allocated to a custodian for specific purposes.

How can I apply for a dedication of Crown land?

If you want to apply for Crown land to be dedicated, you will need to complete the Application to dedicate Crown Land form. Dedications are subject to conditions and generally not available to individuals.

How much does it cost?

A dedication is subject to an application and document preparation fees, which are reviewed on a yearly basis. Contact us to find out about fees.

Can I develop on dedicated Crown land?

If you are a custodian of dedicated Crown land and want to develop the land you will need to obtain consent from the Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation before any development can occur. 

It is important to note that native title rights may continue to exist in many parcels of dedicated Crown land. Development on land where native title rights exist may affect those rights and the custodian may be liable for compensation.

Please contact your local Crown land office for more information. 

Can I apply for a lease on dedicated Crown land?

A custodian of Crown land may issue a lease over dedicated land, subject to obtaining the prior written consent of the Minister, who may impose conditions over that lease. The lease must be consistent with the permitted use (i.e. purpose of the dedication).

To apply to issue a lease over dedicated land you will need to complete the Application to issue a lease over dedicated Crown land form.

How do I amend an existing dedication?

To apply for consideration to amend the purpose of land dedicated under the Crown Land Management Act 2009 you will need to complete an Application to amend a dedication form.

If the land was dedicated under the Crown Lands Act 1929, please contact your local Crown land office for further information.

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