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Individual, Community Group, Commercial or Botanic Garden Permits

This category applies to people wishing to collect native plant material for activities such as:

  • individual or community based revegetation projects (including schools, TAFE and universities)
  • propagation and sale
  • botanic garden collections.

South Australia is divided into 14 herbarium regions. For each herbarium region there is a list of about 150 species from which successful applicants may collect.

For this category of permit, you must indicate which herbarium region(s) you wish to collect from. If your application is successful, your permit will allow you to collect from any of the species listed for that herbarium region(s). See the Herbarium region map.

Herbarium region species lists:

If you wish to collect species additional to those provided on the herbarium region lists, you need to identify them with your application (see other collection of native plant material).

There are no fees associated with applying for, or being granted, a permit.

How long does a permit last?

This permit is valid for a maximum of 12 months from the date of issue, unless revoked.

A permit may be revoked where it can be shown that the permit holder has breached or failed to comply with permit conditions, as stipulated on the permit and in the Native Plant Material Collection Policy document.

More information:

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