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We're changing NRM in SA

The South Australian Government has committed to a range of reforms to the natural resources management system.

These include:
•    Replacing the Natural Resources Management Act with the proposed Landscape South Australia Act
•    Creating a simpler, flexible and accessible system for managing natural resources, with decentralised decision-making
•    Putting people at the heart of managing our natural resources, recognising that those who work and live on the land are well placed to manage and sustain it
•    Creating nine landscape Boards and Green Adelaide to replace existing NRM Boards
•    Making soil quality, pest plant and animal control and water management major priorities
•    Capping annual land and water levy rises at a rate set by an independent body or according to the Consumer Price Index (CPI).
•    Establishing a Grassroots Grants program, a $2 million statewide annual fund for volunteer, community and not-for-profit groups to access.

A discussion paper provides an overview of the reforms, the benefits it will bring and the key areas where community input is sought to shape those reforms.

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