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Coast protection fund grants (local councils)

The Coast Protection Board provides funding towards approved coastal projects identified by Coastal Protection Branch regional officers in conjunction with local councils, or for coastal works submitted by local councils.

The Board can fund anywhere up to 80 percent of a project, depending on how well the proposal matches the Board's priorities (see below). Councils must provide a minimum of 20 percent toward works accepted by the Board for funding.

High priorities for funding are council works that address erosion or flooding hazards along the coast, including foreshore protection, dune rehabilitation, and coastal fencing and maintenance.

Vegetation and weed control are not high priorities for funding from the works program.

Councils provide the Board with information about their upcoming activities every year. This information forms the basis from which the Board allocates grants.

For more information or to apply for a grant:

Phone: (+61 8) 8124 4928

More information can be found on our reference material page.

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