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In the interests of public safety Mount Lofty Botanic Garden will be closed on Wednesday 13 December due to the Extreme fire danger rating.
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The Botanic Gardens offers several unique standalone programs and events throughout the year. These range from World Environment Day in June to cross-site learning collaborations with other cultural organisations. 

Unique learning experiences allow students to develop deeper conceptual understandings.

Indigenous Culture for Kids

Trent Hill is an Indigenous storyteller, educator and guide who has worked at Adelaide Botanic Garden for more than 10 years. His programs for Junior Primary, Primary and Senior School students include:

Aboriginal Plant Use Trails – conducted at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens, these trails offer groups a 45-minute walk through the Australian Forest, investigating the traditional uses of trees and plants by Aboriginal people, and relating seasonal movements to the surroundings.

Artefact Lesson – conducted at schools/kindergartens, this is a general introduction to Aboriginal culture, where children can hold traditional artefacts and learn about seasonal movements, roles of men, women and children and the diversity of Aboriginal people (45 minutes).

Dreaming Stories – conducted at schools/kindergartens, A Dreaming Story is told and then its morals discussed. Animal tracks, signs and symbols are drawn on a whiteboard, and in sandpit if available (45 minutes).

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Phone: 0416 847 754

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STEM in the Early Years  

Gardens of Wonder Exhibition – young children inspired to solve real problems using STEM (download the flyer)

Date: 21-30 November
Time: 10am to 6pm daily (excl. Sunday)
Where: Noel Lothian Hall, Adelaide Botanic Garden
Cost: Free

Gardens of Wonder documents how children and families grew their understanding of STEM by engaging with a natural environment.

The exhibition tells the story of educational STEM experiences between two preschools at Adelaide Botanic Garden. It reveals the visible benefits to children, their families and early childhood educators.

The exhibition includes children’s graphic representations, their prototype structures designed to solve real problems, teacher and parent recordings and a video outlining the process.

Children's University Australia - Strange Plants

Strange Plants is a Children's University Australia Trail for ages 10-14 at Adelaide Botanic Garden. Click here for Student Guide. Please note that plant #2 (Mimosa speggazzinii) is currently not available as part of this trail).

Children's University Australia is managed by the University of Adelaide, and it offers educational experiences for children aged between 7 and 14 years, recognising their achievements through the award of formal certificates and graduations.

Heaps Good Productions

Heaps Good Productions' Michael Mills is an acclaimed children's entertainer, and the 2014 SA Science and Science Communicators' Unsung Hero award-winner.

Join him on a series of educational and entertaining walks around the Adelaide Botanic Garden (suitable for Junior Primary and Primary School students).

From exploring the cultures of Ancient Egypt, and Ancient Greece, to going further back in time to the Age of Dinosaurs, or exploring the plight world's rainforests, Michael has developed a reputation for creating world-class, site-specific educational theatre at cultural institutions across Australia.

Download the HeapsGood Flyer or visit his website for more information.

Booking and Contact Details

Phone: 0411 287 381
Email: Michael@heapsgood.com.au