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Attack of the sheep-eating plants
20 September 2017

Our Puya chilensis are flowering and they have a sinister reputation - but is it warranted?

Spring gardening tips
01 September 2017

Botanic Gardens curators give you their top tips for spring!

Seed hunting in the APY Lands
31 August 2017

Our expert volunteers headed north recently, collecting over 100 plant specimens and recording over 1,500 images!

In Bloom: Aloes in Adelaide
21 August 2017

Each year, around late winter, Adelaide Botanic Garden's Aloes put on a flowering show.

Spring plantings, beetroots and bothersome birds
17 August 2017

It's all hands on deck in the Little Sprouts Kitchen Garden!

Addicted to orchids
11 August 2017

Get the low-down on beautiful orchids - both native and exotic - from expert Bodo Jensen.

Behind the Blooms
08 August 2017

Mount Lofty Botanic Garden supervisor Rob Hatcher discusses magnolias, camellias & rhododendrons in the Garden.

'Tis the season
31 July 2017

With seed season on the way, our Seed Hunters are planning which rare finds on the wish-list they're going to target.

Empress of Brazil timelapse
18 July 2017

One of the Gardens' oldest pot plants - the critically endangered Empress of Brazil - flowered recently at Mount Lofty!

Winter gardening tips
31 May 2017

Do's, don'ts and handy winter advice from Botanic Gardens curators.

Mount Lofty autumn colour from above
15 May 2017

Take a bird's-eye view of Mount Lofty Botanic Garden's iconic autumn show.

Using topiary to make your garden shine
25 April 2017

Everything you need to know about training and growing plants into shapes and forms to make your garden a work of art.

Bean families, detectives and ladybirds
21 April 2017

Term One is done and dusted - come and see what's been happening in the garden!

What is plant propagation and why is it important?
16 April 2017

Dissecting a fundamental skill for gardeners with our Nursery Curator, Matt Coulter.

Meet the 2017 National Rose Trial Garden People's Choice winner!
12 April 2017

The people have spoken and this fragrant French beauty came out on top.

Meet our Corpse Flower relatives
20 March 2017

Three of our stinky Titan Arum's relatives bloomed at Mount Lofty Botanic Garden's Nursery this summer [video inside].

The old and the new
01 March 2017

With Little Sprouts sessions set to resume this month, we look at new developments in the Garden, plus a very old crop!

Autumn gardening tips
01 March 2017

We ask Botanic Gardens of South Australia curators for their autumn advice to make your garden shine.

Seed Hunters - they're big in Japan!
23 February 2017

The work of the South Australian Seed Conservation Centre turns up all over the world.

Go on a virtual tour of the Garden!
13 February 2017

Google Street View’s Trekker now allows you to visit Adelaide Botanic Garden from anywhere in the world.

Displaying 1 - 20 of 138 results