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Managing water for the future

What success looks like

A sustainable and fit for purpose supply of water is available from a range of sources to support the health of the environment, industry, communities and the economy.




  • Support a healthy, working River Murray by implementing the Basin Plan and associated programs, and keep other jurisdictions accountable to implement the plan, on time and in full.

  • Drive an integrated approach to urban water management across government and with the private sector and the community.

  • Work with economic development agencies and industry to identify future water needs and sustainable sources of supply.

  • Deliver major programs in partnership with others to better manage water.

  • Manage the state’s water resources through the development and implementation of water management plans and legislation.

  • Prepare for the social, environmental and economic impacts of extended dry periods.

  • Ensure that priority water research is undertaken through the Goyder Institute for Water Research and that the results are used to support improved decision making.

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