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Connecting people to nature, parks and places

What success looks like

People value South Australia’s natural environment and cultural assets and enjoy the health and social benefits of parks. Sustainable, nature-based tourism is flourishing, creating jobs and improving the economy.

our goals - connecting people


  • Manage our parks, gardens and places to be world class and offer nature based and cultural experiences that:
    – attract local, national and international visitors
    – improve the state’s economy and create new jobs
    – conserve the environment
    – provide educational and health benefits.

  • Improve the customer experience for visitors to our parks, gardens and places.

  • Support Aboriginal groups’ connection to country and work with co- management boards to manage parks and natural resources.

  • Work with the private sector to identify sustainable commercial opportunities in our parks, gardens and places.

  • Work with partners to realise the health and social benefits that the natural environment can bring.

  • Provide opportunities for communities to connect directly with our parks, gardens and places and play an active stewardship role.

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