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Sustaining the natural resources of our state

What success looks like

Our strong and healthy natural resource base supports diverse and resilient systems, a thriving economy and vibrant communities.

our goals - natural resources


  • Monitor the condition of South Australia’s natural resources to ensure the ongoing health of systems, communities and businesses that are dependent on them.

  • Manage native species and natural systems to sustain biodiversity for future generations.

  • Support economic growth and regional development by unlocking opportunities for investment and innovation through enabling the sustainable use of our natural resources.

  • Support communities and industry to make decisions and take actions to ensure the sustainable use of our natural resources.

  • Manage the impact of introduced pests and abundant native species on biodiversity, primary industries and communities.

  • Work with our partners to manage the impact of natural hazards, specifically bushfire and flood, on our land, biodiversity, economy and communities.

  • Provide advice and make prompt and transparent decisions as part of Federal, State and Local Government planning and development processes.

  • Develop and implement effective management and conservation plans.

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