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Climate change initiatives in South Australia

In 2007, South Australia was the first Australian state to legislate a specific target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, in the Climate Change and Greenhouse Emissions Reduction Act 2007. Working together, state government, local government, industry and the wider community have been able to continue the state’s economic growth, while stabilising our greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels.

In 2009, the SA Government committed to a target of 33% of South Australia’s electricity generation to come from renewable energy by 2020, under the Climate Change and Greenhouse Emissions Reduction Act 2007.  This target has been incorporated into South Australia’s Strategic Plan (SASP) as Target 64. In late 2014, South Australia exceeded this target and now generates as much as 39% of its electricity from renewable energy. In 2014, the SA Government set a new target of 50% renewable energy generation by 2025.

Find out more about some of South Australia’s key initiatives and activities:

A timeline has been developed to provide an overview of climate change action in South Australia.

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