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Feral opuntioid cacti of Australia, Part 1

Feral opuntioid cacti of Australia cover

Cylindrical-stemmed genera: Austrocylindropuntia, Cylindropuntia and Corynopuntia

Journal of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens Suppl. 3


R.J. Chinnock


The newly published the first part of Bob Chinnock’s revision of weedy cacti in Australia features a field identification section, which provides an easy means to identify the plants. The taxonomic section contains detailed descriptions and notes on every species. Introductory chapters on opuntioid morphology, how to collect and prepare pressed specimens, dispersal and biological/chemical control, and a glossary complete the book.

This book is an essential reference tool for land owners and managers, staff of government agencies, conservation groups, people involved in bushcare, and anyone concerned with identifying and eradicating weedy cacti. It will also be a valuable addition to libraries of ecologists and botanists, and people interested in cacti and succulents.

Publication Year
Place of Publication
State Herbarium of South Australia
Soft cover, 69 pages. In print.