New park management plan released

Date posted: 03 November 2017

The first management plan for the Wabma Kadarbu Mound Springs Conservation Park in outback South Australia has been released.

Wabma Kadarbu Mound Springs Conservation Park, about 500km north of Port Augusta off the Oodnadatta Track, is of profound significance to the Arabana people.

The plan was developed by the Arabana Parks Advisory Committee, a co-management partnership established in 2012 between the Arabana people and the South Australian Government.

It reflects collaboration between the Arabana people as traditional owners, representatives of the South Australian Government, and others including the Friends of Mound Springs.

The plan sets directions for management of the park and includes two key themes:  Maintaining Wadlhu Ngurrku-ku (Healthy Country) and Kutha (water) nourishing Wadlhu Ngurrku-Ku.

The Arabana people’s land is north, south, and west of Lake Eyre/Kati Thanda, and includes Wabma Kadarbu Mound Springs Conservation Park. 

The Wabma Kadarbu Mound Springs are known as kutha ngarrawa in Arabana language.

Arabana people describe kutha ngarrawa as a living pulse that provides life for everything in the vast landscape.

These arid land oases well up from the Great Artesian Basin, supporting unique and endangered wetland biodiversity.

The park is home to at least 14 species of rare or threatened fauna, some species unique to individual kutha ngarrawa

Relics of the Old Ghan Railway and the Australian Overland Telegraph Line contribute to the park’s tourism appeal for people travelling the Oodnadatta Track.

Arabana language is used throughout the plan to foster understanding of the area’s cultural significance, and an Arabana language guide is included in the plan. 

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