River Murray weir pool manipulation trial wrapping up

Date posted: 27 September 2017

The River Murray weir pool manipulation trial, underway since mid-July, is ending and water levels will slowly return to normal from mid next week.

The weir pool manipulation trial involved lowering and then raising water levels at Locks two (Taylorville) and five (Renmark) along the River Murray. From Wednesday 4 October water levels will return to normal pool level at a rate of two to five centimetres a day.

Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) Water Resource Operations Manager Jarrod Eaton said weir pool manipulation involves raising and lowering weir pools to help restore a more natural wetting and drying cycle to benefit the local riverine environment, and is another way South Australia is contributing to the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

"The manipulation stimulates growth and breeding in food chains, with particular benefit to small native fish species, which in turn provide food for larger native fish species and also help increase the diversity of vegetation," Mr Eaton said.

"From mid-July we lowered the water levels, then we raised the water levels around mid-August. We are now restoring water levels to normal pool level, which should take about a month."

The community can share any feedback about the trial by emailing sambdenquiries@sa.gov.au

The weir pool manipulation program forms part of the $155 million South Australian Riverland Floodplains Integrated Infrastructure Program (SARFIIP) to improve the health and resilience of Riverland floodplains.

SARFIIP is funded by the Australian Government through the Murray–Darling Basin Authority and implemented by DEWNR in partnership with SA Water and the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder.