Works will improve health of Katarapko floodplain

Date posted: 26 September 2017

Native fish are the big winners with a new regulator and fishway completed to improve the health of Katarapko floodplain near Berri.
Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) program leader Glenn Shimmin said a new major regulator and fishway, known as Bank J, has been constructed to improve water flow and native fish movement between Eckert Creek and the River Murray.
“The ecological health of Katarapko floodplain has been negatively affected by salinity and an old concrete pipe obstructing the water flow and fish passage in Eckert Creek for about 80 years,” Dr Shimmin said.
“The new regulator enables a more natural cycle of flooding and drying which will improve water quality as well as native plant and animal health.
“The new fishway provides improved connection between Eckert Creek and the River Murray for native fish such as golden perch and silver perch.”
The design of more infrastructure on the Katarapko floodplain is currently underway with construction expected to start next year.
Dr Shimmin said that all the regulators, fishways and other structures will work together to improve the connection between the River Murray, its associated creeks and floodplains.
“The infrastructure will enable increased flows into Eckert Creek to spread water further over Murray River National Park into important areas that benefit plants such as river red gum and black box,” he said.
The project forms part of the $155 million South Australian Riverland Floodplains Integrated Infrastructure Program which is funded by the Australian Government through the Murray Darling Basin Authority. It is delivered by DEWNR and supported by the Katfish Reach Project with construction managed by SA Water.

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