Allocations boosted for SA River Murray Entitlement Holders

Date posted: 15 July 2016

Hon Ian Hunter MLC

Minister for Water and the River Murray

Welcome news today for South Australian River Murray irrigators with an improvement in water availability enabling water allocations for the majority of entitlement holders to be increased to 52 per cent.

Two weeks ago irrigators were told their opening allocation for the 2016-17 water year would be 36 per cent and that private carryover would be available for eligible water access entitlement holders.

However, recent rainfall across the Upper River Murray catchment and across north eastern Victoria has improved inflows into storages and subsequently enhanced water resource availability to South Australia.

Water released from the Snowy Hydro Scheme has also helped improve water availability to the state.

Water users will be advised of any future changes to their allocations through the weekly River Murray Flow Report.

The flow report also contains details of the current allocations for the different classes of water access entitlement holders.


Opening water allocations for all River Murray water users across New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia have been affected by low inflows in 2015-16 due to below average rainfall and resulting dry catchments.

On 30 June 2016 the Minister for Water and the River Murray announced that opening allocations for the majority of water users would be 36 per cent but that there would be access to private carryover.

Further information on water allocations is available here.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Water and the River Murray, Ian Hunter

The weather outlook from the Bureau of Meteorology shows reasonable prospects for improved rainfall from now until September. Given that catchments are already wet, the expectation is for increased run off into storage.

This means there is an increasing likelihood that allocations will improve further in the coming months.

Water resource availability will continue to be closely monitored by DEWNR and water allocation updates will be provided through the River Murray Flow Report. This will help water users to track improvements and make business decisions.