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Stand Up for the Murray

In 2012, South Australians united in a Fight for the Murray to ensure that we got a fair deal to save our river. And we won the fight, with the Commonwealth Government agreeing to the return of the equivalent of 3200 GL of water to the river - 450 GL more than what was originally proposed. 

We’ve made a lot of progress since the Basin Plan was signed back in November 2012. We’ve worked hard to get where we are – we can’t let all this work go to waste. 

We need to stand up for irrigators. 

We need to stand up for river communities. 

And we need to stand up for the environment. 

We need to finish the job and make sure the Basin Plan is delivered on time and in full. 

What we’re doing in South Australia 

South Australia is working hard to implement the Basin Plan. A number of projects and schemes are underway to return water to the river, including:

Find out more about South Australia’s Basin Plan implementation plan

The Basin Plan is bigger than just South Australia. Queensland, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and Victoria are all crucial to the Basin Plan’s success. 

Groups at the highest level of Government, such as the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) and the Murray-Darling Basin Ministerial Council (MinCo) are working together to agree on how the plan is implemented. 

There has been considerable work undertaken by state government agencies, local councils, industry groups and communities, who really are the heart of the river. 

We will continue to stand up for the Murray, and won’t stop until the Basin Plan is implemented on time and in full. 

What can you do to help? 

You don’t have to live near the river to support it. 

More information: 

Murray-Darling Basin Authority

Natural Resources SA Murray-Darling Basin

River Murray Education

Commonwealth Environmental Water Office


Environmental Protection Authority SA

South Australian Tourism Commission 

Want to volunteer?

Frog Watch (South East)

Natural Resources South East volunteering opportunities

Natural Resources South Australian Murray-Darling Basin and local group volunteering opportunities

Landcare Association of SA

Friends of Parks

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