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News and events

Nature Play

Seal Bay news image - Two Seals
Celebrate Nature Play Week these school holidays at Seal Bay.
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Upgrade project

Seal pup
The final stage of the Seal Bay upgrade project will begin within the next few weeks.
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Science project

Seal Bay news image - Seal
Local students will work with Seal Bay Conservation Park to become Australian Sea Lion ambassadors.
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Caring for Seal Bay

Seal Bay news image - Ramps
Upgrades and the introduction of the Southern Kangaroo Island Marine Park are part of how we care for Seal Bay.
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Something special

Seal Bay news image - Two Seals
Seal Bay offers one of the rarest and most exceptional nature-based experiences in the world. Take a tour today.
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Stay at KI

Seal Bay news image - heritage accomodation
After a day experiencing Seal Bay come and stay at one of Kangaroo Island's heritage accommodation.
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