About Seal Bay

Seal Bay has been the home to an Australian Sea lion population for potentially thousands of years, but it was the sudden increase in visitors during the 1970s that promoted the South Australian Government to declare the area a conservation park in order to protect the fragile ecosystem found here. 

Since 1987, access to the Australian sea lion colony at Seal Bay has been limited to boardwalks and/or guided tours, which have been designed to reduce disturbance to the sea lion colony. 

Extensive upgrades, research projects and the recent introduction of the Southern Kangaroo Island Marine Park are all part of how we care for Seal Bay.

Current upgrade work 

Seal Bay is becoming more and more popular with visitors every year. This means we're constantly working to enhance the visitor experience while protecting the natural environment of the area.

Better tour options and upgrades to the park are being carried out over the next few years including:
  • upgrades to existing boardwalks and access around the site
  • personalised special interest tours
  • redevelopment of the Seal Bay visitor centre
  • advanced telecommunications
  • improved park access.
The future success of Seal Bay depends on its long term sustainability as an eco-tourism experience.

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