Plants and wildlife

National parks provide an opportunity to encounter and learn more about South Australia's unique plants and wildlife.

For a hands-on wildlife experience, visit the popular Cleland Wildlife Park. Have your photo taken holding a koala, handfeed kangaroos and wallabies in open grasslands or stroll through the aviaries and marvel at the diversity of South Australia's birdlife.

Deep Creek Conservation Park preserves the remaining natural vegetation of the Fleurieu Peninsula. The park contains a unique range of flora and fauna and is a great place to see big groups of kangaroos. At Innes National Park keep an eye out for the reintroduced tammar wallabies, once extinct on the mainland.

Flinders Chase National Park, at the western end of Kangaroo Island, has stunning coastal landscapes with vast areas of wilderness and lots of wildlife. Many species of native plants can be found here. On the south coast of Kangaroo Island is Seal Bay Conservation Park, an important habitat for the rare Australian sea-lion.

After the sun goes down, some of our shyer creatures come out to play. Listen out for native nocturnal creatures such as dunnarts, planigales and bats as you camp in Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park or take a guided walk at dusk on Granite Island Recreation Park to see the resident little penguins.

South Australia's parks are home to a variety of unique and interesting native plants and visitors are rewarded with colourful displays of wildflowers in spring. In Mount Remarkable National Park wildflowers include the brilliant purple native hibiscus, golden wattle and the scented sun orchid. Explore one of Adelaide's glorious botanic gardens - Adelaide, Wittunga and Mount Lofty - and discover all manner of unique plants and flowers.

Who do I contact about sick or injured wild animals?

Contact the RSPCA or the Fauna Rescue of South Australia. Learn more about living with wildlife.