Photography and drones

South Australia's parks provide unlimited opportunities for keen photographers, among our are favourites are:

Drone use for recreational photography/filming

The recreational use of drones is generally not permitted in national parks and reserves, including for photography and filming. This is because they can severely disrupt resting and breeding animals. They also take away from the remote wilderness experience that many of our parks offer.

Commercial filming and photography

A permit may be required to undertake filming or still photography in South Australia’s parks and reserves for commercial purposes. Filming or photography is defined as 'commercial' when the intention is to promote a product or service and/or achieve financial gain from the filming or photography.

Drone use for commercial photography/filming

Under the National Parks and Wildlife Act, drones are considered to be aircraft. Permission is required to operate a drone over national parks and reserves, or marine park sanctuary zones, for commercial filming and photography.

Drone operators must:

  • comply with Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) rules and regulations, which may include licensing
  • provide evidence they have a minimum of $10m in public liability insurance
  • fill out a commercial filming and photography application form.