South Australia's national parks are a treasure trove of heritage sites that connect visitors to the trials, challenges and stories of the past. There are a great variety of places of historic significance within the parks system. They range from residences to lighthouses, whaling sites, graves, a fort and a kiosk.

To gain an insight into Aboriginal culture, take a tour with a local Aboriginal guide. Hear Dreaming stories and visit cave paintings, rock engravings, middens or other significant sites.

The successes and failures of previous generations of European settlement are imprinted in the landscape in the form of ruins, artefacts, dwellings, stock yards and lighthouses. See a list of Heritage Places in South Australia's national parks (86kb pdf) and start visiting these marvellous places.

Visit these relics of the past or relive earlier times by enjoying heritage-style accommodation:

  • Lighthouse accommodation on Kangaroo Island
  • Cape Willoughby Conservation Park
  • Flinders Chase National Park

For more about our built and maritime heritage, and the role of the South Australian Heritage Council and DEWNR, see our Heritage area.