The parks system covers more than 21 percent of South Australia. Many of our parks are of international importance due to their scenic landscapes, unique flora and fauna and the visitor experiences and cultural heritage opportunities they provide.

Regardless of age, interest or fitness level, parks have something for everyone.

Why use a treadmill when you can walk through some of the state's most spectacular and inspiring landscapes? You can even take your dog to a number of our popular parks!

Why swim laps in a pool when you can swim, surf, snorkel or dive in some of the world's most beautiful and pristine coastal waters?

Get together with family and friends. Next time you meet, do it over a picnic in a park and challenge them to a game of tennis or soccer.

Be thrilled - try rock climbing, adventure caving or canoeing.

Be inspired - even short easy walks can reveal five-star views of hills, waterfalls, mountains, rivers, deserts, sunsets and night skies.

There are so many things to do in our beautiful South Australian parks. On the pages following we have pulled just some of them together to get you started: