Ewens Ponds Conservation Park

Discover the spring-fed limestone ponds at the Ewens Ponds Conservation Park by snorkelling along the shallow channels or scuba diving into the ponds.

The channels connect three basin shaped ponds which are approximately 10 metres deep. Go snorkelling in the ponds and come face to face with a variety of fish, ranging from the tiny, rare ewens pygmy perch hiding among the reeds to the freshwater crayfish scuttling along the pond's floor.

The clarity of the water enables plants to grow underwater to a depth of about six metres. Some of these plants are not found growing fully submerged underwater anywhere else in the world.


Ewens Ponds Conservation Park is located 36km south of Mount Gambier. Access is via Port MacDonnell Road.

Opening times

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Fire information

Wood fires and solid fuel fires are prohibited throughout the year. 

Gas fires are permitted other than on days of total fire ban.

Find out more information about fire restrictions.

Contact us

Phone: (+61 8) 8735 1177

Important information

As the average water temperature can be between 10-15 degrees, a wetsuit is recommended.

The minimum qualification for divers is open water.

Due to the cold water and potential for damage to the aquatic environment swimming is not allowed.

This park may be closed on days of extreme fire danger.

Brochures and maps

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