Wilpena Pound

Come and discover the natural rock formation of Wilpena Pound. This spectacular landform is a must see when visiting the central Flinders Ranges and can be appreciated along one of the many well-established bushwalking trails.

The landmark of Wilpena Pound is a remnant valley floor from an ancient range of mountains that have been eroding away over millions of years. The higher walls of the pound are quartzite, a rock which is very resistant to weathering. Wilpena Pound, including the ranges, is approximately 17km long by 8km wide and covers an area of some 100km. The level floor of the Wilpena Pound is approximately 8km long and 4km wide.

The real meaning of the word 'Wilpena' may have been lost with the Aboriginal people who originally occupied the area. Some suggestions have been 'bent fingers', 'cupped hand' or 'curled up kangaroo skin'. 'Pound' is an old English word that means 'an enclosure for animals', which was how the pound was in fact used by early pastoralists. Today, the Adnyamathanha people translate the word Wilpena as Ikara meaning 'meeting place'.

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